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We would like to say a huge thank you to the thousands of people who came to Emerge in 2019, our first festival of London Lates, and enjoyed a diverse programme of events across 39 venues. And to all the emerging artists, performers, volunteers and museums who took part in the festival -  thank you too. You were all great.

What is it?

Lates events in museums/galleries


We're in 39 venues across 11 London Boroughs


One ticket - all events


Last weekend of September 2019

How Much?

£15 - £40, cheapest tickets for 18-30s

Emerge Festival general FAQs

Get in touch with us: info@emergefestival.co.uk 

Emerge Festival 2019 FAQs

MEDIA ENQUIRIES: pandora@bulletpr.co.uk

FESTIVAL QUESTIONS: info@emergefestival.co.uk

If you have bought a festival ticket you will soon recieve an email with detailed festival information. Please follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news. @emergefestival

Can I download a map?

Yes here’s a pdf version of the map on this page just click on this link http://bit.ly/mapemerge

How do I get around the festival?

1. Be organised! Each event listing on the What’s On pages has a Citymapper link on it. Click on the link and plan your journey and route to the next venue

2. Keep up date to date with the latest TfL travel updates throughout the night (https://bit.ly/1HPE6WU)

3. Check out the map – each venue has a identifier (e.g. F1) relating to the night it’s event is on

Explain the circuits

1. Venues are organised into circuits  to help you get from one to the next – your ticket gets you into any venue no matter which circuit it is in.

2. There are six circuits: North, East/City, South, West, Central and South-West. There are events in Central, East/City and South-West on both Friday and Saturday nights.

3. Many venues within circuits have coordinated their activities to enable you to fit in as many events as possible in one night

4. Each circuit has a corresponding colour which is visible in the listing of every event in that circuit and on the map.

What are the festival times?

There are festival events running on both nights from the early evening, 5pm on Friday and 5pm on Saturday, until the early hours of the next day. You can find a detailed run-down on start and finish times of all events by downloading 

The Friday rundown

The Saturday rundown

Where do I get my wristband?

All of the participating venues will be Wristband Swap Venues. Just bring your ticket on paper or phone. You simply show one of the Emerge team your ticket, they’ll scan the code and give you a wristband.

What happens if I lose my wristband?

Wristbands will only be issued once and torn / lost wristbands will not be replaced. Please look after them!

Where does my wristband get me into?

Your wristband gives you access to all venues as many times as you want on the night/s it is valid for. Get the most out of the festival and visit as many venues as you can. Information about the next nearest venue and how to get to other venues will be available at all the venues. Some venues will operate a guest list/sign up system to ensure that numbers are controlled – information about these venues will be available shortly.

What happens if the event/venue I want to get into is full?

A festival wristband does not guarantee entry into any given venue, space or room. If a room, event or venue is full to capacity a one-in, one-out system will be deployed. Join the queue – it won’t be long until you’re in.

What are Lates?

Lates are evening events that happen in visual arts venues when they would otherwise be closed. Museums, galleries, historic houses, art colleges, zoo archives, monuments, we’ve even got an information centre involved.

How long will early-bird tickets be available?

The early-bird ticket period is now over.

Why are tickets  cheaper for 18-30s?

Emerge Festival was conceived by arts charity, Culture24. Part of the mission was to create a festival to help build an audience for museums amongst young adults who might not think that these spaces are “for them”. However, the festival is open to anyone that loves museums, art, culture or music.

How will you check that I am over 18 and under 30 (to validate an 18-30s ticket)?

We’ll have a team on the ground checking IDs.

Where can I find artist & performer set-times?

Check out the line-up page 

Where can I find the full festival ticket Terms & Conditions?

You can read them on the Terms & Conditions page on this website. These include our ticket transaction Terms & Conditions and our Refund Policy. You can also read our primary ticket seller Dice’s Terms and Conditions. 

Who’s behind the festival and where did the idea come from?

Independent charity Culture24 have developed and are delivering the festival. The concept is based on findings from their Culture of Lates Research Reports published in 2018 – a three-part study into museum and gallery Lates and their role in the night-time economy.

Who do I get in touch with for PR?

For all press inquiries, please contact Pandora pandora@bulletpr.co.uk

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