5 minutes with Molly Burman

Molly Burman is an 18 year old singer/ songwriter from North London. She’s been singing and writing from age 7, using aspects of Indie, Alternative and Pop music. She plays with her band, who she met at music college: Charlie Brown (18) on bass, Will Chapman (19) on guitar and Mo Siab (18) on drums. They have been gigging together for 2 years around London. 

What are you listening to?

My 5 top songs at the moment would have to be : thinking of you – Sister Sledge, it could be sweet – portishead, Night time – Masterpeace, Sunrise – Nora Jones and Finally alone – Mac Demarco.

How could you describe your sound?

I would say that my sound is a mixture of Indie , Alternative , and pop music. Usually when writing music I go straight ahead and play random chords on the guitar, usually I have an idea or scenario that I want to write about. I then hum different melodies and see which ones fit , the lyrics and tune sort of fall in to place for me.

What’s your most interesting songwriting quirk?

Usually the timing in the songs I write is really weird, I’ll add or miss out random bars and I change rhythm a lot. I think that adds an interesting aspect to my music.

Is there any hidden meaning in your music?

I use a lot of metaphors and vague language in my music so that everyone can relate and interpret my lyrics . I think the actual meaning of quite a lot of my songs are very hidden and listeners may not be able to guess them.

What’s an average day like for you?

I have just finished music college so at the moment a normal day for me usually involves either waking up , going in to the studio and recording for the day or having a rehearsal with my band. Some days I will have a studio session later at night , but if not I usually go out with my friends.

Who are you inspired by?

I am inspired a lot by Joni Mitchell , I will even be singing one of her songs at the Grand Junction. I really respect how she didn’t just write about  frivolous subjects, she spoke about injustice and the environment and recognized that her music had the power to make a difference. I also love how she combined her art and music and saw that music is more that just sound , it has visual aspects too.

Tell me about your favourite performance venues.

So far my favorite venues that I have performed at would have to be Camden Assembly ; I played a sold out gig and the atmosphere there was just amazing, and the bandstand in Victoria Park for APE festival, which I know isn’t a proper venue , but it’s where my band and I had our first gig and it was one of the most beautiful performances I’ve done.

I’m very excited to play the Grand Junction, there are so many talented poets and musicians and I feel very lucky to be playing as well. I feel that this day will help to bring people together to enjoy each others words.