5 minutes with Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart is a 24 year old singer/songwriter from West London. Formerly releasing music as KStewart, under record label Warner, the pop maverick is enjoying a stellar 2019, writing tracks for Tinashe and recording backing vocals for Christina Aguilera. She recently became independent, re branded as ‘Kate Stewart’ and released her debut, 8 track EP ‘In The Beginning’ a velvet-soft return that dwells on her pop-centric R&B influences. A bold introduction, that’s just the start for the vocalist, whose R&B drenched take on pop makes for something truly special. New single ‘Get Mine’ out now (listen below).

How would you describe your sound?

I’d say my sound is pop/R&B, but leaning more towards the R&B side. I love singers who can really SING, so I always make sure the melodies I write are extremely pleasing to the ear of someone who really appreciates a singer. I love layered harmonies and a lot of backing vocals, so my music always has a lot going on in the background, so theres never a dull moment.

What would you say is your interesting songwriting quirk?

I don’t think I have a quirk necessarily, I stick pretty close to the standard songwriting process. But one thing id say about myself is, I’m extremely quick at vocalising songs, I don’t think that counts as a quirk, but I’m proud of myself on that one!

 Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

I can’t lie, there is no hidden meaning in my music. I think my lyrics are pretty straight forward. I’m always keen to write music people can relate too, therefore I write about real life experiences, mainly things that happen to my friends, because they are all very dramatic, I take a lot of inspiration from them.


 What’s an average day like for you? 

I LOVE my sleep, so I usually wake up around 9:30/10am, go to the gym, head to the studio, write a song or 2, head home and eat a huge meal, watch a bunch of crappy Netflix shows and go to sleep! Pretty standard! Thursdays and Fridays there is usually a party or an event on of some sort, ill sometimes head to those with my girls, but going out is getting a little tedious these days, id rather sleep!

Who are you inspired by?

Artist wise, all the divas! Whitney, Mariah, Christina, Beyonce, Kim Burell, Brandy, the list goes on! In life, my friends inspire me a lot! My parents and my brother, my boyfriend, and general every day life, growing up in London theres a lot to be inspired by.


Tell me about your favourite performance venues.

Even though I hate attending festivals as a guest, I love performing at them. Its always such amazing energy and the crowd are raring to go. I’ve only ever played there once with Annie Mac, but I love Koko in Camden, I think its beautiful and iconic, the sound in there is amazing and there’s just an all round good vibe. Last night I played at a jazz bar called 606, it was a great little room, and the band I played with were phenomenal.