4 quirky venues you’ve never heard of


Augustus Gloop, eat your heart out. The Chocolate Museum houses an emporium of truffles, fudge, ganache and endless exquisite creations. It’s a chocolate Shangri-La where you can make, taste and generally ingest all things chocolate. 

What’s on there? Why is a raven like a writing desk? No idea, but that’s the type of wild clue you’re likely to encounter at this off-the-wall cabaret experience. Part immersive theatre, part escape room, part treasure hunt, Buckbuck Games is a mad mix of puzzles, theatre and improv. Jump down the rabbit hole, throw yourself into the mayhem and reap the chocolatey rewards.

When? Saturday 19:00-23:00


You might have heard of Bloomberg, the global tech and media giant. Well, guess what, their London HQ is located bang on top of the site of an ancient Roman temple. Pretty cool digs if you ask us. The Temple of Mithras was discovered in the rubble of a bombsite after WW2 and Londoners had never seen anything like it. Members of the mysterious cult of Mithras used these dark and windowless spaces as a place to drink, feast and worship the bull-slaying god Mithras. Bloomberg has reconstructed one such temple with a unique, immersive experience to take you back 2,000 years.

What’s on there? You can (metaphorically) smash open its cabinets and handle ancient relics from its wine-soaked glory days at the Roman Temple Shindig.

When? Friday 18:30-21:30


On the gorgeous hilltops of Twickenham behind ivory walls is a secret Gothic castle. Complete with romantic stained glass windows, gargoyles, towers, chambers and boudoirs, Horace Walpole’s 18th century villa and garden are straight out of Dracula and every instagrammer’s nirvana.

What’s on there? Fairytale Gothic Night Garden, 19:00-23:00


Up a narrow spiral staircase in the hidden attic of a 300-year-old church is the oldest surviving surgical theatre in Europe. Before the days of anesthetic, patients had to be either sideways drunk or pumped to within an inch of their life with smack. With surgeons barely washing their hands and straw reassuringly scattered on the floor to soak up blood from amputations, that was probably the highlight of the whole abominable ordeal.

What’s on here? A life-size game of Operation, a Sinister Victorian Era Surgery and thankfully some wine-tasting!

When? Saturday, from 19:00